Congratulations are in order

Life is plagued
by ups and downs–
moments of darkness,
and then the light.
They all,
we all,
have walked
through the wilderness,
either questioning or thanking.
Why? And when?
And am I strong enough?
Barren lands will arrive
and span the total distance of the eye.
A cold landscape,
devoid of relief,
but filled with a weight
that descends upon the soul in such a
that perseverance is nearly a joke.
It is funereal. Exhausting.
A light beyond feels phantasmic,
then blinding,
and hope becomes more than tangible.
It becomes truth.
Despair fizzles.
Vitality resumes.
Water appears,
and then shrubs,
and then trees–
until there is only lush
vegetation exhaling oxygen that saturates the air.
Life is here.
And once again,
for now,
it is a relief
to stop,
and be.

We made it.


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