Welcome, Purpose, and Intent

Update, Dec 6, 2015
I stopped writing for awhile. I do that sometimes, but this time was because I was too consumed in needing validation. My loving future-wife had been quite irritated about my ‘neglect/abandonment’ for awhile, and asked if I had I read someone’s writing and it spoke to me. I said I had. And she said that is why I need to keep writing. Someone else might need to know they aren’t the only one feeling what they are feeling. I need to get out what I’m feeling. And she’s right. So I came out of a different closet and let my writing out again despite how fucking pretentious that sounds.

But seriously. I hope maybe some part of it helps.

Written Mar 12, 2015
Here is a mixture of personal essays, stories, poems, and miscellaneous types of writing.

It is an attempt to make art, not angst; and say something with reverence and not feel overwhelmed; and to verbally balance hard and soft.

This page keeps evolving. At the moment, I have decided to focus writing about my experience living with Bipolar disorder. The description is generic for reason: I do not want to make promises.

Anyway…thanks for reading.



    1. I’m hesitant to share a list of self details because I want my writing to stand on its own without the reader leaning on any “backstory” about the writer (i.e.me). All the basic details about me are revealed in my writing, as the content comes from my life experience, usually, in real time.

      But I will tell you that my name is Chenille.

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