Something something something

Oh, that’s what it’s called (identification)

Me: Sometimes I randomly wake up in the middle of the night and I’m covered in sweat. Like, so much sweat that my sheets are soaked. And after taking off my wet clothes and kicking off the sheets, I fall back asleep. Oh, and then I’ll get cold from being wet, so I pull the covers back over me, but I don’t sweat anymore.
Someone else: Do you get up and adjust the temperature in your house?
Me: No, it’s the same temperature the whole time.
Someone else: Yeah, someone else I know gets night sweats like those, too.
Me: “Night sweats”. I didn’t think about it, but yeah. I guess that’s what those are.


Me: It feels like I can’t get enough air in my lungs. Like I have to take really deep breaths because my lungs aren’t big enough.
Someone else: Yep, that’s what happens with physical activity.
Me: No, sometimes it happens when I’m just sitting in my car. It’s weird.
Someone else: Sounds like shortness of breath.
Me: Oh, right. “Shortness of breath”. I guess that is what you would call it.


Me: It used to give me a sense of satisfaction. Catharsis. Joy. But I just don’t get those things out of it anymore and it’s like, “what’s the point?”
Someone else: You have bipolar disorder, right? Do you think you’re going through depression?
Me: Oh. Yeah. “Depression.”


I don’t when I became so oblivious.